Rights and Obligations While receiving Benefits

Would you like to apply for benefits, or are you already receiving benefits? If so, it’s important to keep us informed about your situation.

In fact, you’re obliged  to do so.  Below you can read when and how to keep us informed.

Obligation to provide information

The obligation to provide information means that you must inform Fijnder about everything that may be important for your right to receive benefits. The obligation to provide information is therefore one of the most important obligations when you apply for (or receive) benefits. Has anything changed in your situation? Please let us know immediately. For example:

  • You’ve found work and are receiving income; 
  • Your income changes; 
  • You receive assets; 
  • You’re going to study;
  • You’d like to volunteer;
  • You’re moving; 
  • Your living situation changes (marriage, divorce, children/partner moving in or out);
  • You’re going on holiday. 

How can you inform Fijnder?

If something changes in your situation, you can report this on My Income. You can log in with your DigiD and report the change to us digitally. Always notify us of any changes within one week of the change happening. Are you unsure whether you should inform us, or not? We’re happy to help. Please contact your income consultant. 

Does your income vary? Please pass this on to us monthly. You’ll receive an income form by post from us every month. The deadline for submission is written on this form. You can return this form to us using the return envelope.

Did you return the income form too late, or was the information you gave us incorrect, and did you receive too much benefit as a result? Then you’ll have to pay that money back as soon as possible. A fine may also be imposed.

Duty to work

Fijnder will help you find suitable work. Even if you apply for, or receive, benefits, you must keep looking for work. Together we’ll investigate what opportunities there are for you. And we’ll guide you back to work as soon as possible.

Did you find work yourself? We wish you the best of luck with your new job! And please don’t forget to inform us of this.

Reduction of benefits

Fijnder may reduce your benefits in some situations. For example: 

  • If you do not provide relevant information (completely), or too late. 
  • If you do not actively try to find work. 
  • If you’ve been irresponsible with either money or work and therefore need extra benefits. 
  • If you break agreements that we made together. 
  • If you mistreat one of Fijnder’s employees.

Before reducing your benefit, we will always look into what happened exactly and whether you could have done something about it yourself. If it happens repeatedly, that you break the agreements, your benefit may be reduced extra. 

We understand that there are many things you have to think of when you receive benefits. If you’re not sure about anything, please contact us!


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