The back-to-work-route

Would you like to find a job, but don’t know where to start? Together we can work out how you can find suitable work, work that fits your needs.

The process of finding work is different for every person and Fijnder is here to help.

Talking to a client manager

Work comes in all sorts of different forms, which is fortunate, because everyone is unique. To find out which type of work suits you, you can talk to a client manager. A client manager will ask questions to determine which type of work fits your needs. This way you can find work that really suits you!

Which route suits you best?

There are three different routes that can help you get back to work. After talking to you, the client manager will determine which route is best for you. Below we will explain each route briefly. Sometimes it’s possible to combine routes. 

The work route

You have enough skills to get started. Together we will look for work that is suitable for you. We will do our best for you, but you will also have to try yourself, like participating in activities that will help you find paid employment. Think of activities such as job application training or a speed date with employers and employment agencies.

The perspective route

You’d like to work, but you’re not sure what would be suitable for you, or what talents you have. We can investigate this together. Perhaps you need extra skills for your dream job. Professional skills. We will look at how you can develop these professional skills, so that you get one step closer to your dream job. Or, you already have all the skills you need, but you find it difficult to get to work on time. We can help you with issues like this. 

Participation route

No matter how much you’d like to work, sometimes a disability gets in the way. If so, participating and finding your place in society is the most important thing. By doing volunteer work or working in our sheltered workshop (organisation that employs people with disabilities) you can still contribute to society. 
You may start on one route, but change to a different route later, because you are always learning and developing. Are you working as a volunteer and receiving benefits? That does not automatically mean that you can no longer get paid work. We always look for possibilities.

Looking for a suitable job? You can do it! We’re here to help you

Do you have any questions? We are here to help!