'Jouw Unit’ (Your Unit) Helps Young People

You go to school, have just quit, or lost your job or you’re looking for work, further education, or a work placement.

Fijnder can help you find out what suits you. How we can help you depends on your specific situation. To give you an idea of the situations we can help you with, we’ll give you some examples below.


Fijnder's client managers are in regular contact with the secondary special education and practical education schools in the municipality of Berkelland, Oost Gelre and Winterswijk. These are the schools: VSO Het Bariet, VSO Klein Borculo, VSO De Korte Dreef, VSO De Triviant,  MaxX  Onderwijs and Pronova.

If you go to one of these schools, one of Fijnder’s client managers will draw up a plan together with you and your supervisor from school (and sometimes also with your parents or carers, if you want to) for when you’ve finished school. We will draw up this plan in your final school year. This way you’ll get to know your client manager while you’re still at school. 

This plan that we’ll make together will help you transition from school to your next step as easily as possible. And that next step is different for everyone. Perhaps you’d like to continue working at your internship company, but you could still use help with that. Or perhaps you’re looking for a work placement for when you’ve finished school because you cannot (yet) do paid work. 

Do you live in the municipality of Berkelland, Oost Gelre or Winterswijk but do you go to a secondary special education or practical education school in another municipality,  and will you soon finish school? Please contact us at: JouwUnit@fijnder.nl.

You've started a study programme, but you're stuck. For example, because you find the theory too difficult, or you’re struggling with the social side of studying, or you still have difficulty with the Dutch language. You’d like to stop, but what are you going to do after that? Fijnder can help you answer that question.

Together with a client manager you’ll draw up a new plan. Or perhaps, after talking to your school, you decide to continue with your study programme after all. Or, if that doesn’t work, we can find a course that does suit you, or we might find a suitable job for you.

Are you stuck in a situation at work? Or are you currently without a job or study programme? Are you wondering what you’d like and what might be suitable for you? And could you use some help figuring that out?

We’re happy to help you find out what possibilities there are for you. Wondering if Fijnder can help you? You can always make an appointment to talk to us about your possibilities.

Need help or advice? Fijnder is here to help. 

Please contact us at: JouwUnit@fijnder.nl.

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Are you without income and would you like to apply for benefits? Please check the page 'Applying for benefits' for more information.

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