Supporting Entrepreneurs

Are you self-employed or do you want to become an entrepreneur, and could you use some help? Then you can go to the ROZ (regional organisation for the self-employed).

ROZ works on behalf of municipalities and municipal services such as Fijnder. ROZ supports entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers with:

  • Advice and guidance on successfully starting and doing business.
  • Financial possibilities: Bbz (assistance for the self-employed), business credit and temporary income support.
  • Coaching by experienced (former) entrepreneurs from the field.
  • Training in finance and administration, successful sales, online marketing, and social entrepreneurship. 
  • Debt assistance in case of serious financial problems. 
  • Social entrepreneurship.

In most cases you can use ROZ’s services free of charge. 

Learn More

You can read more about ROZ on Would you rather make an appointment? Call 074-241 5100 or send an e-mail to


Self-employed and need some help or advice? We’re here to help!