Fijnder is one of the largest social-work organisations in the Achterhoek. Our building is located on an industrial estate on the N18 Groenlo.

The exact address is: Batterij 12. Our building symbolises what we are: a company where you can work and learn. 

When you enter our building, you immediately arrive on our so-called ‘career square’. Here you will find information on several topics. You can also ask us questions about work and/or and vacancies, among other things. And there are several areas where we work for our clients and learn together. 

Fijnder's partners can also be found in our building. Such as: WerkgeversServicePunt Achterhoek (the employers’ service point Achterhoek), the Stadsbank, de Regionale Organisatie zefstandigen (regional organisation for the self-employed),  LerenWerkt (learning works), the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and the Reclassering (Probation Service).