With the 'Fijnder-Werkt' app! you can check the available vacanies on your smartphone, at any time!

Decide for yourself which job you'd like to apply for!

The app is free and always up to date. 

Check all current vacancies in the East Achterhoek region on our 'Fijnder Werkt' app 

The app is intended for job seekers who are receiving benefit from Fijnder and the UWV. But also employees who are looking for a new challenge, or people who still have a job, but are afraid they may lose their job in the near future. In fact, anyone who is looking for work in the East Achterhoek region can use this app. 

The Fijnder Werkt App gives you a clear overview of vacancies that are currently available. You can even apply for a vacancy in the app itself. Have you applied for a vacancy? Then an employee of Fijnder will contact you to discuss the next steps. 

Download the app via: 

  1. The Google Play Store or Apple App store;
  2. Create an account;
  3. Found out what the 'Fijnder-Werkt!' app has to offer you.