Have you received more benefits than you were entitled to? Then Fijnder can request a refund. We call this ‘right of recovery’. It’s also possible for Fijnder to requests this money back from another person, a third party. This means that someone else will have to repay (part of) your benefits to Fijnder. Below you will find information about recovery of benefits.


Fijnder requests money back if: 

  • You have received too much benefit.
  • You have received benefits to which you were not entitled. This also applies if  Fijnder  accidentally paid those benefits.
  • You no longer meet the agreed repayment obligation (loan assistance).
  • You have received an advance and afterwards it appears that you were not entitled to that benefit. 
  • You receive money, such as a severance payment (from a previous employer) or an inheritance, which is intended for the period in which you received benefit. 
  • You received the benefit as a deposit but then Fijnder is asked to pay off your debts.

The benefit that you receive is a net amount. The tax and insurance are paid by Fijnder. If  Fijnder no longer receives taxes and insurance from the tax authorities or the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency),  you will also repay these amounts.
You will receive a letter if you have to repay any benefits. It is important that you repay the amount on time. Are you unable to pay the amount at once? No problem! We’re happy to make an arrangement with you. 


During and after a marriage or registered partnership, (ex-)partners are obliged to take care of each other and the children financially. If, after the end of the relationship, one of the partners, or the children, has too little income of their own, the other must continue to support them financially. Despite mutual agreements regarding, for example, child maintenance, Fijnder may decide that an ex-partner will have to repay part of your benefits. To do so, Fijnder will send the ex-partner a letter to collect the necessary financial information. This information determines how much the ex-partner will have to pay Fijnder.  

Have you received gifts or donations? Then Fijnder will ask for the benefits to be paid back from the person who gave/donated the money.
If someone who has received social assistance dies and assistance still has to be repaid, Fijnder will deduct this amount from the  deceased's estate.   

We understand that the rules on recovery are complicated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!