Mission and Vision

Together with other organisations in het social domain, we are committed to the best possible participation for our residents in society. And self-reliance is a key value for this. 

"We believe that every person wants to matter and does matter"

We focus on the self-reliance and participation of our residents. To achieve this, programmes have been developed for all target groups, aimed at full or partial self-reliance and participation in society. 

This is how we do it:

Participating is nice. Anyone can do it! 

Fijnder’s employees are committed to all their clients. If we cannot provide services ourselves, we’ll set you up with one of our partners that can. Everyone should have work that suits their needs and abilities and if you can’t work (yet) we’ll help you find another way to participate in society. That's what we call ‘social inclusion’. 

Work pays. 

Finding everyone suitable work is a top priority, so that people are no longer dependent on benefits.

Personal responsibility and support where necessary. 

Support is aimed at allowing the client to take control of their own process. Together we will look at the type of support that best suits the personal situation of the client. Support is provided but decreases as soon as possible. 

Integral cooperation within the social domain. 

Within  our field of work, everyone must know about each other's expertise. We’re focused on preventing problems rather than solving them (symptom relief). The client’s question is central to our organisation. 

Our services are based on mutual commitment.

Fijnder offers its services to the best of its ability. However, our clients are expected to make a commitment to the best of their ability.

The client’s question is the starting point. 

Sometimes, a client’s question does not fit the existing system. However, providing adequate support is always more important than the system. Solutions will be sought, within the rules. In other words, taking into account the intention of the law and the client’s specific situation. 

Services are provided as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Privacy and security are important.

Personal data will be treated carefully and respectfully.