Employers' Service Point Achterhoek

Looking for suitable staff for your organisation? Consider contacting the WSPA (Employers Service Point Achterhoek).

WSPA is one of Fijnder's business partners. They can help you find the perfect match for your organisation.

Recruitment, selection, and follow-up

WSPA has a large and diverse database of job seekers who would like to get started. Young people, over-50s, (asylum) status holders , or people with an occupational disability. WSPA helps employers with the hiring of job seekers. There’s also a special cross-border team that helps with the recruitment and selection of personnel in the border region. 

In addition to recruitment, selection, and follow-up, WSPA can also advise employers who have questions regarding employment of personnel. Questions about contracts, absenteeism, training, or available subsidies, etc. 

How can WSPA be of help to you?

Interested in finding staff through WSPA? Contact them via: info@wspachterhoek.nl or call 088 - 365 04 00 on weekdays between 08.30 and 17.00. You can talk to a WSPA account manager in order to get a clear picture of the personnel demand. Once you’ve drawn up a vacancy, specific agreements will be made about the recruitment and selection of candidates. After selecting the right candidate(s) for the job, contact with the WSPA does not stop. They want you to be happy with your staff and will support your business whenever there are follow-up questions.