Social Return On Investment

Social Return on Investment (SROI) means, quite simply, giving back to society.

For example, by creating employment opportunities for people with a (large) distance to the labour market. 

How Fijnder and WerkgeversServicePunt  Achterhoek can help you with SROI

Are you dealing with a tender procedure that includes an SROI obligation? Or are you the kind of entrepreneur who thinks social entrepreneurship is important, but don’t know how to go about it? Please contact us. Social entrepreneurship can be done in several different ways. There are lots of possibilities! Both Fijnder and WerkgeversServicePunt Achterhoek can help you with this.

Outsourcing work to people who have an occupational disability? That counts towards an SROI  obligation. For more information, please contact Fijnder.

Would you like to offer people who have a distance to the labour market a place in your organisation? Great! Please contact WerkgeversServicePunt Achterhoek.

Social entrepreneurship? We know how!