Inclusive Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, would you like to offer someone with an occupational disability or with some distance to the labour market an opportunity, like a job or a work placement?

We call this 'inclusive entrepreneurship'. You can read all about inclusive entrepreneurship below.

Employers’ Service Point Achterhoek helps your business become more inclusive

To do business inclusively, it’s necessary to look at jobs with an open mind. The more open minded you are, the more opportunities you’ll see for job seekers with a distance to the labour market. For these job seekers it’s all about talent and motivation, which is what they’ll bring to the workplace.

Curious about how you can do business inclusively? Contact Werkgevers Service Punt Achterhoek (employers’ service point Achterhoek). Together we can look at new opportunities.

'Unieke Achterhoekers'

On the website you can read inspiring stories about fellow businesses that are involved in inclusive entrepreneurship. The ‘Unieke Achterhoekers’ campaign may inspire you with beautiful examples. More than 100 companies have preceded you. Will your company become the next ‘Unieke Achterhoeker’?