Do you disagree with us about something? Then we would like to solve that issue together. Mediation can often help with this.

What’s mediation? 

In mediation you enter into a conversation with Fijnder and a moderator. We call the moderator a ‘mediator’. The purpose of the conversation is to resolve the disagreement.  

Who’s the mediator?

Fijnder is affiliated with the Mediators Group Achterhoek+ (MGA+). The mediators of MGA+ work for several municipalities in the Achterhoek as well as the municipality of Hof van Twente. You can utilize the MGA+ mediators at no extra cost. Would you like advice from a mediator? That will always be a mediator from another municipality and never a mediator from Fijnder. 

What are the benefits of mediation? 

  1. The relationship between you and Fijnder may improve, because you’ll look for the best solution together. The agreements that are reached with the mediator are recorded officially, so that all parties know how to adhere to them. 
  2. Mediation does not involve a lawyer, which usually makes mediation cheaper and quicker. 

Learn More

Would you like a mediator? Or would you like more information about this possibility? Please send an e-mail to They can explain this process in further detail and they can bring you into contact with mediators from MGA+.