Special Assistance

Do you need extra financial help because of special circumstances that you cannot pay for with your income, or your savings?

And no other organisation can help you with these costs? We understand that this may worry you, so please contact us. You may be entitled to special assistance.

What’s special assistance?

You can apply for special assistance to pay for costs in special situations, for example to pay for a lawyer or to move house. 

Can you apply for special assistance? 

This depends on your personal situation, your income, and your savings. You might be entitled to special assistance if you are:

  • single, have no child(ren) living with you and your assets (savings and/or property) are worth less than € 6.505.
  • single and have children living with you, or a partner (married or not married) and your assets (savings and/or property) are worth less than €13.010.
  • on an income that does not exceed 110% of the social assistance norm. Below you can read about the norm of 110% and the applicable assistance standards. The amounts mentioned are net amounts:

a single person or single parent from 21 years old to retirement age: € 1.212,00
a couple aged 21 years old up to retirement age: € 1.731,43

Applying for special assistance 

Tip: contact us before you take any action. It’s better to find out beforehand if you’re entitled to special assistance or not. We’re here to help!

Have you incurred any costs? Then it’s important to apply for special assistance within one month after the costs were incurred. Is it for the purchase of durable consumer goods, such as a washing machine or a refrigerator? Then you need to apply for Special Assistance before the purchase.

Are you already receiving benefits from Fijnder? If so, you can apply for Special Assistance via the form 'Application form special assistance with benefit'. Are you not yet receiving any benefits from Fijnder? Then you should use the form 'Application form for special assistance without benefit'. Not sure which one applies to you? Please, let us know.

What happens next?

Once we’ve received your application form for special assistance, we will look into it. And we will contact you within eight weeks. We will inform you of our decision, whether you will receive special assistance or not. 

Haven’t heard from us within eight weeks? Or do you have another question for us? Please contact us via 0544-47 42 00.

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